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Suzy Lallement au collège Mariotti.


On Tuesday 21st July, we’ve met Suzy, a teacher from Christchurch in New Zealand. She taught us English the kiwi way : we had no chairs and no tables in the classroom. We were first sitting on the floor. It was different. We were very surprised. We asked her questions about herself, her family, her country, her job.

Then we played games in order to learn new words so that we could understand the story she was going to read us. It was a story about a family of kiwi birds. We’ve learnt new adjectives like : ‘juicy ‘, ‘wriggling’, ‘sneaky’, ‘stealthy’, ‘plentiful’, ‘startled’, ‘hidden’ and ‘crunchy’. To remember these words, we played team games and we moved around in the classroom : it was fun !! We loved it. Then she read us the story.

Did you know that if you whistle when there is a kiwi egg, the baby kiwi will make noise, that the male kiwi bird incubates the egg, that it takes four or five days for the new born kiwi to get out of its egg, that the kiwi can run faster than a dog ?

Suzy’s lesson was very interesting and pleasant. Thank you Suzy !

Mise à jour : 26 juillet 2015

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